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Support for Parents and Carers

We are currently running our evening Parent/Carer Only group but hope to soon launch a series of training programmes and additional support. Please book tickets at the bottom of this page - all groups require tickets.  Whilst there is no charge for tickets, if you can, we would really appreciate people buying a 'donation' ticket - even if you pay £1!  Every £1 goes towards keeping our groups and support running.

*** Online Parent Support Groups now available ***

Parents/Carers Group

We currently run an evening (monthly) in person and a monthly online parents support group.   We hope to invite various professionals to the group so that parents can access support and advice in a safe and consistent space.

Support Group


We hope to commence a series of training groups - to include training for parents/carers of newly diagnosed young people/adults and our 'harmonious families' training.

Students in Cafeteria

Book Tickets Here!

To book tickets, for any of our events, please visit our Eventbrite site.  Please note that ALL attendees must have a ticket.  If you find the Eventbrite site difficult to navigate, please email to book your ticket. 

We recommend downloading the app (link below) as it is much easier to use.

If you tend to miss events, join the watsapp group by clicking the link below on your mobile phone!

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