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Koala Kickstarter

The Koala Kickstarter aims to raise £455,000 to ensure that the hub is fully sustainable for the first 5 years of operations.  We have already secured some funding and it is hoped, once the Andover Small School is fully operational, that the hub's future will then be secured - serving the local autistic and neurodivergent community for years to come!

Whilst we are actively applying for grants, fundraising is a core part of our Kickstarter strategy and we need our communities help to achieve this.



If you would like to donate, every penny is much appreciated!

Click on the image to donate.

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Kilometers for Koala

This campaign will start on 1st December and challenges participants to set their own distance target for the month of December!

Click on the image to visit the event page!

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If you are a local business, you can sponsor Koala!  Click on the picture opposite to download our sponsorship pack.



We encourage our community to also organise their own fundraising events.  Please click the picture attached for ideas.  If you would like us to produce posters for you to market your event, drop us an email tori@moreeducation.co.uk

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