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Tesco Grant


We are really excited to be receiving £1000 from the Tesco coins project – thank you to everyone who supported us.  We will release a brief poll in the next few weeks and you can help us decide how to spend the £1000 on sensory equipment!

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Learning Without Walls launches!

Today, the Learning without Walls learning programme launched.

With options for learning at the tutoring hub, or distance learning based at the student's home, we are really excited to be able to open these opportunities up for our community.

We are hiring!

We are now working hard to launch the tutor hub, based at the Bridge in Andover, and are looking to hear from tutors who would like to get involved.


We envisage there being lots of different opportunities, from a few hours a week and more.

We are also hoping to open a daily tutoring resource for primary and secondary young people - these sessions will take place everyday, for half a day, in school term time. Groups are likely to be a maximum of 4 students to each group.

Please get in contact if you can offer the following:

  • An understanding of neurodivergent young people, and their barriers to education

  • A reliable and consistent service to those young people

  • The ability to be flexible and go 'off script' when teaching in order to meet the young people's needs


We particularly welcome applicants who are neurodivergent and will support those people through the application process.

In the first instance, please email with your CV and a brief description of what you are seeking.


Important Covid Update

We are now asking that all attendees, over 11 years of age, wear a facemask to groups.  This is to ensure that we protect our vulnerable members.

If you are exempt, you will not be questioned about not wearing a mask, so please do not worry about this - we know this is something that make some of the community anxious.

Read the impact statement that we have sent out to our funders.  This marks our first 5 months of operations and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved already!  Without our volunteers, and the support of our community, we wouldn't be here so let's make 2022 even more successful.

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Very Important Groups Update.png

Important Update

We wanted to give you an update on groups for 2022 - apologies, there is a lot of info but it is all very important.

  • We are watching the news very carefully and will do everything we can to keep the groups safe over January/February. As we provide support for disabled people, it is likely that we will be able to continue at the numbers we already cap at (15) even if we go into lockdown.

  • If we do go into lockdown we will ensure that there is some online support available for those of you who will feel too nervous to join a group.

  • If we have to change any aspect of our group setup (like introduce facemasks/social distancing) we will make sure we let you all know in advance - we don't like surprises and know you don't either!

  • Unfortunately, we have not achieved a lot of the grants that we have applied for. This means that we will not be introducing any new groups until this has been achieved - our volunteers are running on empty so we cannot expect any more from them! However, a local company has given us a large donation, as has a local housing organisation and these will keep us running for the time being. Charities are closing everywhere so the demand for grants is extremely high and we are a young charity. We are confident that once we have been open a while longer, we will achieve more grants. Do your bit by telling EVERYONE about us - your GP, child's school, support workers - anyone who will listen!

  • However, we are introducing a much-needed adults daytime group in February - details to follow.

  • Young People Not in School is moving to a Tuesday.

  • We hope to introduce a Boardgames group in February too (initially for over 18s).

  • Whilst we are closed over Christmas, if you are in crisis please message the page and we will do all we can to help you.

  • Teen and Kids activity packs are available for printing - please visit the 'resources' page

So a lot of information and while some of it may seem negative, we are on a journey and will get to where we need to be with your support!

Volunteers and donations are always needed if we are to survive!

Last groups of 2021!

Next week is our last week and we have Young People Not in School/Adults Monday, Teens on Tuesday and Toddlers on Thursday. Go to the eventbrite page to book.

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